2002 - The Year-in-Review

Chris Scully, AZ SESHA Chapter President 2002

In spite of economic downturns, downsizing and budget cutbacks, Arizona's SESHA Chapter had a very active and successful year. I would like to take a few minutes on behalf of the Chapter Steering Committee to recognize our accomplishments, and thank those that made my year as Chapter President very rewarding.
As in years' past we accomplished 4 outstanding chapter meetings. We are very fortunate in Arizona to have such a wealth of industry talent, knowledge and supportive member companies. This year Intel, Arizona State University, Tokyo Electron and Air Products sponsored our chapter meetings. Without these sponsors donating their resources and facilities, we could not have provided the quality of chapter meetings that we did at no cost to the participants. Each of these meetings had agendas that included at least two speakers and often times three. Guest speakers are too numerous to mention, but came from a diverse mix of industry, community and regulatory experts. I speak for all chapter members when I say thank you to all those who gave of their time to help inform and educate.
Also this year we were fortunate to host our fourth annual SESHA Mini-Conference on Emerging Technologies and Issues. This event was held in Mesa at the Sheraton Hotel and Convention Center. Two days of outstanding speakers and presentations, coupled with networking sessions, led to a very successful mini-conference. Thanks to all those involved in the planning and presentation of this event.
In September our Chapter participated in an all-day lecture session at Arizona State University. This event allowed students from Arizona State University and the University of Arizona to hear presentation from SESHA chapter members on a variety of EH&S issues. This is a great event that allows the future of our industry an opportunity to interact with professionals, ask questions and get a taste of EH&S. Thanks to all those who participated and made the lecture tour an overwhelming success.
I would like to thank the AZ SESHA Chapter Steering Team; particularly Paula Calabrese our Secretary and President-Elect and former Chapter President Thad Jones for helping me to fill the leadership role for our Chapter. I expect continued great things from AZ SESHA and our National SESHA as a whole. One of our own will again lead National SESHA, as Mike Sherer will assume the National President position vacated by another Arizonian, Lonnie Schock. Please continue to support SESHA not only through your membership but also through your time, expertise and abilities. I look forward to the leadership provided by Paula in her new role as President and I welcome Kim Smieja who will step in as Secretary and President-Elect.

Happy Holidays and Best Wishes on a very successful 2003!