SESHA Mini-Conference (August 2009)

Time and Place


The conference will cover various issues for the semiconductor, photovoltaic and related high technology industries including:


8:00 AM

Registration & Networking

9:00 AM

Welcome and Introductions
Joe Richard (SE­SHA New England Chapter President, Ray­theon IADC)
Steve Roberge (SESHA Past-President, Axcelis Technologies)

9:15 AM

Applying What We Learned from Semiconduc­tor to the PV Industry
Vinnie DiGeorgio (FM Global)

10:00 AM

Sponsored by Axcelis, Honeywell Analyt­ics, Pacific Packaging and Ergonomics Computer Solutions / Contour Design

10:30 AM

Radiation Program Agenda
Mike Whalen (Massachusetts Department of Public Health)

11:15 AM

Toxic Gas Monitoring Best Practices
John Cox (CIH, Advanced Technology Solutions)
Jim Belanger (Honeywell Analytics)

12:00 PM

Sponsored by Honeywell Analytics, Pacific Packaging, Ergonomics Computer Solutions / Contour Design, Axcelis

1:00 PM

Managing Ergonomic Risks
Brian B. Bethel (Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation)

1:45 PM


2:15 PM

Sponsored by: Pacific Packaging, Ergonomics Computer Solutions / Contour Design, Axcelis, and Honeywell Analytics

2:30 PM

Greenhouse Gases: New Massachusetts Regula­tions Update and Roundtable
Dave Cotter (Capaccio Environmental)
Steve Trammell (ISMI)
Tom Diamond (SIA)

4:15 PM

Accidents and Incidents

4:30 PM


Internet Simulcast

As part of its partnership with SESHA, SEMI will be making the entire Mini-Conference available as an Internet Simulcast. You can attend the Simulcast from your comfort of your own office.

Registration and Fees for the Mini-Conference

If you are physically attending the Mini-Conference, the registration fees are $50. If unemployed, you can apply for a financial waiver. Please register on-site or mail / fax the registration form located on the SESHA website. No refunds will be accepted once you pay, but substitutions will be honored at any time. Complete registration instructions are located on the registration form.

Registration and Fees for the Simulcast

Accessing the Simulcast is free for SESHA members. Please click here to register for the Simulcast. You may be asked to logon to your SESHA account.

Non-SESHA members can also access the Simulcast for free, but they must first complete an online survey located here.

If you have problems registering for or accessing the Simulcast, please contact Sanjay Baliga by email before the mini-conference or by cell phone at 1.408.515.8529 during the mini-conference.

Professional Certification Points

Individuals who physically attend the Mini Conference are eligible to receive certification maintenance points from both BCSP and ABIH. Details will be provided at the conference. Certification points are not available to Simulcast attendees.

Opportunities for Exhibiting Sponsors

If you are interested in being an exhibiting sponsor, please contact Steve Roberge at Axcelis.


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