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Professional Development Courses (PDC)

Morning  Afternoon
Room 1 PDC 1 - RF Radiation Safety: Understanding the Risks and Practical Solutions  PDC 11 - Building Codes and Standards from the Perspective of the ESH&H Professional 
Room 2 PDC 2 - The Basics of a Successful Incident Recovery  PDC 8 - Emergency Scene Management in Semiconductor Manufacturing 
Room 3 PDC 13 - The Science of Exhaust Management 
Room 4 PDC 14 - Silicon Processing - IH Hazards and Controls
Room 5 PDC 3 - ISO 14001: Everyone Is Doing It, Can You? PDC 7 - Air Compliance Strategies for Semiconductor Facilities
Room 6 PDC 4 - The OSHA LOTO Standard is Over 10 Years Old - Where is Your Hazardous Energy Control Program Today? - A Benchmarking Class  PDC 12 - Advanced Topics in the Management of a Hazardous Energy Control Program
Room 7 PDC 5 - Hazardous Gas Monitoring  PDC 9 - Toxicology and Biometrology of Arsenic Compounds Used In III V Epitaxial Growth Environment 
Room 8 PDC 6 - Design for Product Safety - Understanding SEMI S2/S8/S14  PDC 10 - The Practical Use of SEMI S2/S8 Engineering Reports for the EHS Professional 
Room 9 PDC 15 - Effective Use of PHA 
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April 11 (Wed) - General Session Grid

Session 1 9:00-12:00 OPENING GENERAL SESSION
12:00-1:00 VENDOR LUNCH
1:00-1:45 Kirollos, K. Validated Diffusive Monitors: Meeting ... Dorris, M. M&A EHS Due Diligence & Integration ... Benson, R. An Overview of the Semiconductor ...
1:45-2:30 O'Brien, M. Arsine TLV-TWA Reduction Update Lehmberg, L. Due Diligence Process and Methodologies ...
2:30-3:00 BREAK
3:00-3:45 Steele, V. Teratogenicity of DUV Photoresist Roig, R. Integration of the Acquired Company - ... Williams, J. Certifications and Credentials for ...
3:45-4:30 Panel Discussion Taylor, K. Effective Training Methods
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April 12 (Thursday) - General Session Grid

Session 2 8:30-9:15 Faller, R. Abatement of Effluent Species from ... Student Paper (TBA) Frisch, E. Navigating The Code In A High-Tech ...
9:15-10:00 Walker, B. Exhaust Management for the 21st ... Jones, R. Abatement of Fluorine Process Emissions ...
10:00-10:30 BREAK
10:30-11:15 Harralson, M. Development of an E-Business Tool to ... Zuck, D. Environmentally Compatible Advances In ... Logan T. White, P. 2000 Codes Affecting Hazardous Gas ...
11:15-12:00 Hatfield, J. Application of a Graphical 3-D Finite ... Peterson, S. Exhaust Optimization for Flammable Gas ... Taylor, K. Beyond Compliance: Contingency and ...
Hot EHS Hazardous Gas Management Topics
ESH Management of Compound Semiconductors
Session 3 1:30-2:15 Middleton , P. Health , Safety and Environment ... Romanow, K. Unique EHS Challenges in the Compound ... Aton, E. Current Perspectives in Industrial ...
2:15-3:00 Roberge, S. EHS Evaluation of Germanium ... Faller, R. Emergency Release Abatement of MOCVD ...
3:00-3:45 Jones, A. Unique Industrial Hygiene Concerns in ... Peterson, J. Removing Arsenic from GaAs Process ... Lotspeich, C. TI New Material ESH Screening
3:45-4:30 Wyman, M. SEMI S14 Fire Risk Mitigation using Air ... Van Gompel, J. Safe Handling of Compound Semiconductor ... Benson, R. Gas Chemical Systems
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April 13 (Friday) - General Session Grid

Session 4 8:30-9:15 Trammel, S. Using a Modified HazOp/FMEA Methodology ... Chiscano-Doyle, C. A Review of Ecosystem Protection ... Williams, J. Alphabit Soup: An Overview of ...
9:15-10:00 Brown, A. Equipment Fire Risk Assessment: Issues ... Frisch, E. Small Business Suppliers - ... Worth, W. PFC Emissions Reduction Options ---- A ...
10:30-11:15 Fthenakis, V. Multi-layer Protection Analysis for ... Pawsat, S. Novel Wafer Cleaning Technologies Survey Silberman, K. Toxic Release Reporting-Where It's Been ...
11:15-12:00 Bilimoria, S. Applying "Process Hazard Analysis", ... Beasley, J. EHS Considerations For Very Large ... Trowbridge, P. The Emerging (and Challenging) Role of ...
PFC Update      SERF Round Table
Session 5 1:30-2:15 Macklin, R. Challenges in Human Factors Engineering ... Aichelmann, R. Identifying, Rating and Measuring ... Beaty, C. New Equipment Procurement Process at ...
2:15-3:00 Duke, L. Ergonomics Work Management Model Schmitt, S. Environmental Performance Reporting- ... Sklar, E. Fire Risk Assessment and Mitigation for ...
3:15-4:00 Lostetter, M. Changing the Ergonomics Model for ... Shr. Understanding SEMI S2-0200 ... Maloney, T. Making Equipment Decommissioning & ...
4:00-4:45 Selan, J. An Ergonomic Assessment of Manual ... Schomer, D. Updating Global ESH requirements: A TI ... Scully, C. The Control of Hazardous Energies ...
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Roundtable Details

Thursday, April 12

Roundtable 1 - Room: Rhythm 3
Hot EHS Hazardous Gas Management Topics
Moderator: Logan White
The ESH Issues in Hazardous Gas Management Round Table Network will focus on providing a forum for EHS Professionals to Develop Best Practices Benchmarks. This forum will cover changing codes, listing and certification, redundancy, by products and more.

Roundtable 2 - Room: Rhythm 1
ESH Management of Compound Semiconductors
Moderator: Brett Davis; Motorola
Lunch Sponsored By: Locus Technologies
The ESH Management of Compound Semiconductors Round Table will focus on establishing an EHS professionals network for benchmarking and developing best practices for compound semiconductor manufacturing operations. Complimentary lunch will be provided to the first 50 attendees.

Friday, April 13

Roundtable 3 - Room: Bayside B
PFC Update
Moderator: Walter Worth; International SEMATECH
Lunch Sponsored By: URS
The PFC Round Table will provide an overview of all the current technology that has been developed and is in use to minimize the emissions of PFC. There will also be an opportunity for professionals to discuss the technologies that are currently being used and any challenges associated with each. Complimentary lunch will be provided to the first 50 attendees.

Roundtable 4 - Room: Bayside A
SERF Round Table
Moderator: Pete Monti
The SERF Round Table is planning to work on the next revision to the SERF manual in the upcoming year. They hope to establish sub-committees in the forum for the purpose of improving existing sections and creating new chapters in the manual on issues that were not addressed in the initial realize.

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