SESHA 2018 Speaker Biography

Ron Macklin
Senior Ergonomist Bureau Veritas North America, Renton, WA

Ron Macklin has 39 years of experience in high technology and ergonomics, including 14 years as a Mechanical Engineer at Applied Materials. The company, which is a leading supplier of semiconductor manufacturing equipment, asked Macklin to fill the role of Product Ergonomist, a field that would become his specialty. Tasked with ensuring his companyís compliance with standards, service and maintenance, he refined his expertise in ergonomics, product design/safety, and risk management for another 10 years before forming Macklin & Associates. As Principal of his company, Macklin enjoys working with people and solving their problems. In addition to lecturing, teaching, and consulting around the world, he co-chairs the Semiconductor Equipment Materials International (SEMI) Standards Ergonomics Task Force and has additional leadership roles within the SEMI Standards Safety Sector. Macklinís varied background and vast knowledge have earned him an excellent reputation among colleagues and clients.