SESHA 2018 Symposium Abstract

Branding EH&S and Sustainability as Risk Mitigating and Value Driving Programs within your Organization

Cristina Mendoza; John Baycroft
(Capaccio Enviornmental Engineering, Inc., Marlborough, MA)

Strong branding is one of the most important aspects of a successful organization. It can become the differentiating factor in capturing value in the market place. The same concept can be applied to program and functional area branding within organizations. Creating and maintaining a strong brand for your EH&S and Sustainability programs helps to clearly demonstrate the added value of your functional area to the organization. It also ensures alignment with your organizationís broader, external brand. During the course of this presentation, we will discuss how strong internal branding can be used to gain support and drive goals within your organization. In addition, we will present case studies and examples where EHS and Sustainability programs utilize modern technology in conjunction with internal branding to communicate successes, mitigate risks and become essential business functions with a seat at the management table.