SESHA 2018 Symposium Abstract

Nanotechnology: Global Chemical Regulatory Challenges and Compliance Strategies

(UL, Latham, NY)

The research, development, and use of nanomaterials in the semiconductor and high technology electronics industries is a growing area of innovation and application. The unique size and characteristics of nanomaterials from those of the same chemicals at a larger scale give rise to properties and performance characteristics of mounting interest in these industries. As chemical substances, nanomaterials are subject to chemical control regulations globally, however have varying regulatory definitions and are not harmonized in the manner in which they are regulated. This can present compliance challenges to industry in terms of consistent approaches for product development and introduction, recordkeeping and reporting obligations, and managing diverse obligations in a global supply chain. This presentation will cover the important differences in the diverse regulatory definitions of nanomaterials and the oversight approaches taken by chemical control regulatory authorities on a global basis. Compliance challenges and strategies to navigate such complexities to facilitate a global product introduction and supply chain will be discussed.