Article Abstract

A Method and System to Recirculate the Exhaust Air from Ion Implanters
Joseph D. Sweeney (1), Karl Olander (1), Paul Marganski (1), Steve Roberge (2), and Paul Donhauser (2); (1) ATMI Inc, (2) Axcelis Technologies Inc.

A method and system have been developed to recycle the cooling and containment exhaust of an ion implant tool. The unit contains an integral chemical adsorption bed, filters, and blower, which handle and treat the exhaust, allowing it to be safely returned to the fab. This is in contrast to todayís standard mode of operation in which the exhaust is sent directly to the atmosphere. Cost savings are realized due to a reduced load on the fabís make-up air system as well as from reductions in capital expenditures of HVAC equipment for new installations.

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