SESHA Fellow

Daniel O'Donnell

Daniel O'Donnell is founder and CEO/President of DOD Technologies Inc. His career in the design, application, distribution and deployment of specialized life safety gas detection systems began at MDA Scientific in 1983. Since then, Dan's decades of experience span the globe serving the Semiconductor, Specialty Chemical and Polyurethane foaming industries. He was introduced to SESHA (then SSA) through MDA Scientific Inc., which was led by Byron Denenberg, a strong advocate of the organization. Dan quickly understood and valued the wealth of knowledge within the SESHA organization and this knowledge allowed him to custom design innovative life safety systems for this dynamic, rapidly ever-changing Semiconductor industry.

As the Semiconductor market grew globally, the challenges in gas detection and integrated systems also grew exponentially. Dan was tasked with setting up international distribution, services and product portfolio adjustments for MDA Scientifics Inc. globally. He was extremely successful partnering with specialty gas suppliers and equipment manufactures offering turnkey projects throughout Asia. Innovating International safety systems for TSMC, Samsung, Hyundai, Goldstar, Shanghai Belling, TI, Charter, etc.

Dan continued to support SESHA as his career progressed as the Vice President of Sales, Marketing and Engineering for Zellweger Analytics Inc. following the acquisition of MDA Scientific.  Zellweger Analytics, directed by Jon McAlear, who also understood the need to maintain a strong affiliation with SESHA. As the Semiconductor safety requirements grew, so did the need for diverse technologies to meet that demand. Dan was instrumental at Zellweger Analytics for 20 years defining a strategic path for new products/ technologies, applications, distribution and acquisitions.

Dan founded DOD Technologies Inc. in 2003 and the company has become one of the leading suppliers of innovative technologies to the global Semiconductor, Specialty Chemical and Polyurethane industries. DOD Technologies Inc. under Dan's direction is driven and committed to meeting customers' gas detection demands technically and economically. DOD Technologies innovative product portfolio includes ChemLogic, FTIR, IR, Electrochemical, Catalytic sensors and other technologies. Dan has continually innovated each of these technologies with a key focus on improving reliability, reduction of cost of ownership and a step up in performance. Dan consistently supports SESHA locally and nationally and his partnership with the organization continues to facilitate an understanding of Semiconductor industry needs to drive life safety system solution in the right direction.

Dan has an Executive MBA from Northwestern (Kellogg School of Management), Certificate in Analytical Chemistry from Rice University, MBA in Business from Keller Graduate School of Management, BA in International Business from DePaul University, AEET in Electrical Engineering Technology from DeVry institute of Technology.  Dan and his wife Diane reside in Las Vegas, NV they have five children (two have key roles at DOD Technologies Inc.). They also have six grandchildren which he is trying to teach early about toxic gas detection and the value of hard work. Often the grandchildren occupy his desk at the main office, so don' t be surprise if they accidentally answer the phone. Hobbies include Golfing, Acoustic Guitar and vacations in the sun. His real passion however is business and finding innovative solutions to technical problems.